Good Energy Smudge Sticks!

Good Energy Smudge Sticks!

Hemp Wrap:
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Limited Run of Late Harvest Season Smudge Sticks

(Will be Shipped Once they are Fully Dry - about 1 week)


  • Hand Picked North American White Sage
  • with Mixed Local Wild Flowers & Sweet Grass (All Picked in Southern California, San Diego Mountains)
  • Wrapped with Natural Hemp Chord
  • Each one Paired with a Special Rock I collected from The Land of Enchantment (New Mexico) a few couple weeks ago!

Burn and Let Smoke in Any Space to Clear Negative Unwanted Energy and Help Attract and Accept Positive Energy. A Great Way to Reset Vibrations and the Space you call Home. Along with a great Natural Allergy Remedy. A Native American Tradition that has been around for centuries.